Coventry Crest
Over the years Roeper School has been called Hill House by both Alumni & Faculty as it towers over Woodward Avenue on the largest hill in Bloomfield Hills.  You can travel Woodward Avenue from Pontiac to Detroit and you will not find a nicer setting.

It's previous name and address was "Coventry Crest".

This website is for all those so deeply touched by the kind and loving hand of educational pioneers George and Annemarie Roeper and their teaching staff.  As you attended Roeper School did you ever wonder about the history of the old house on the hill?   

This majestic home has been historically ignored for over eighty years.  Oddly, this estate is not mentioned in any historical publications or website's anywhere. Hopefully this site will help answer some questions for you.   



41190 Woodward Avenue ▫ Bloomfield Hills Michigan ▫ 48304
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